3.1.3 - Special cables - KW Hydraulic - Tools and Pumps

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3.1.3 - Special cables

PRODUCTS > 3 - CUTTING TOOLS > 3.1 - Cable Cutting Tools
Hydraulic Cable Cutters for Copper and Aluminium Cables
for double-acting Hydraulic Pumps

  • Different types for cutting all kind of steel reinforced cables
  • Let yourself be advised by us
  • Hydraulic cylinder for the connection to a double-acting hydraulic pump

Version D: mechanical control valve
Version DE: electric remote control
TF63 - S63-G-DE strong cable cutter
TC140 - S-140-G-DE strong cable cutter
TC180 - S-180-G-D strong cable cutter
TC180 - S-180-G-DE strong cable cutter
S-63-G-DE63 mm853 kN at 700 barGUILLOTINE670x240x176 mm67 kg
S-90-G-D90 mm540 kN at 700 barGUILLOTINE675x230x200 mm78 kg
S-90-G-DE90 mm540 kN at 700 bar
675x230x200 mm80 kg
S-140-G-DE140 mm
540 kN at 700 bar
GUILLOTINE930x470x300 mm90 kg
S-180-G-D180 mm775 kN at 700 bar
1370x550x400 mm158 kg
S-180-G-DE180 mm775 kN at 700 bar
GUILLOTINE1370x550x400 mm160 kg
S-225-G-DE225 mm415 kN at 550 barGUILLOTINE

S-350-G-DE350 mm675 kN at 550 bar

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