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  • For cutting copper and aluminium cables
  • Not for ACSR cables useable
  • Guillotine: The cutting head, with two-sided blades, prevents a clamp which is there at a scissors-cut
    S-85-G, S-120-G, S-132-G and S-160-G
    - They can cut steel reinforced cables (wire 2mm)
  • Scissors:
    Hydraulic cable-scissors according to the principle of the scissors, but with blade-leadingship, which prevents the usual clamp of the cable
    - Can cut steel band reinforced cables (0,5mm)
  • For the connection to a single-acting hydraulic pump with 700 bar
    - S-85-G, S-120-G and S-160-G also useable with 850 bar working pressure
  • A transport trolley for Cutter, hose and pump is available

If you want to cut XLPE cables, please ask us which cutter is best for this.
The same applies to steel armored cables.
S-35-S35 mm55 kN at 700 barSHEAR305x70x105 mm2,3 kg
S-55-G55 mm43 kN at 700 barGUILLOTINE300x55x110 mm3 kg
S-65-S65 mm130 kN at 700 barSHEAR380x95x150 mm4,5 kg
S-85-G85 mm
70 kN at 700 bar
85 kN at 850 bar
GUILLOTINE405x80x170 mm5 kg
S-95-S95 mm130 kN at 700 barSHEAR420x80x170 mm9 kg
S-120-G120 mm
86 kN at 700 bar
105 kN at 850 bar
GUILLOTINE530x190x85 mm9 kg
S-132-G132 mm137 kN at 700 barGUILLOTINE665x190x85 mm16 kg
S-160-G160 mm190 kN at 700 bar
230 kN at 850 bar
GUILLOTINE690x250x110 mm24 kg
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