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2.1 - Mechanical Hand Crimping Tools

PEW-12 - A crimping system

  • Several hundred interchangeable dies and locators are available, for a vast array of applications.
  • Dies and locators can be used flexibly in Crimp System Tool PEW 12, E-PEW 12 and Crimping machines CM 25-1, CM 25-5, CM 25-6.
  • Our dies can be used in KNIPEX Crimp-Systemzange 97 43 200 A and KNIPEX eCrimp 97 43 E

PEW-12 - System Crimping Plier

  • Special tool for crimping virtually all crimped connections with conductor cross-sections from 0.08 – 95 mm².
  • Ensures exact, solder-free electrical connections
  • Parallel jaw closing
  • Excellent leverage transfer
  • Good handling through ergonomic centre of gravity
  • One- or two-handed operation
  • Many different combination possibilities

PEW12 dies and locators
PEW12 holder for crimping plier
PEW12 system crimping tool
E-PEW-12 - Electric Crimping Plier

  • Electromechanical tool with Li-Ion battery
  • Dependable, reliable, low-maintenance
  • Precise tap positioning of contacts
  • Quickstop, no over-crimping
  • Emergency unlock and reset function
  • Process monitoring on multifunction display
    - Battery charge level
    - Service interval display
    - Overheating/overload warning
  • Short, compact work area
  • Low noise
  • Compatible with all crimp dies, locators, wire stops etc. for the PEW 12 hand crimping tool
E-PEW-12 electric crimping tool
CM-25 - Pneumatic Crimping Machine

  • Compact, maintenance-free tabletop machine in several variants
  • Crimping force 25 kN
  • Operating pressure 6 bar
  • Air requirement 0.75 l per working stroke
  • Hand or footswitch
  • Adjustable leg height
  • Fast, simple retooling, ideal for small to medium-size runs

CM25 crimping machine
CM25-1 crimping machine
Model CM 25-1

  • All-purpose machine
  • 6 mm stroke operation without safety closure
  • 14 mm stroke with automatic safety closure
CM25-2 crimping machine
Model CM 25-2

  • Crimping machine specialized for the processing of shielded modular plug connectors of well-known manufacturers, such as Hirose (TM 11/TM 21), Telegärtner (MP 8), Yamaichi, Drahtex, Molex, AMP, Tyco a.s.o.
  • The machine is designed in such a way that the insulation crimp, shielded crimp, strain relief crimp and the contact crimp are processed in the same crimping die.
CM25-3 crimping machine ferrules
Model CM 25-3 for ferrules

  • Crimp unit for insulated and uninsulated 0.08 mm² to 10 mm² ferrules
  • Square crimp shape with 4 profi led jaws
  • Self-adjusts to the desired ferrule size
  • Adjustable insertion aid for insulated ferrules
CM25-3 crimping machine turned contacts
Model CM 25-3 for turned contacts

  • For crimping turned male and female contacts
  • Interchangeable 4-indent units, also available for MIL
  • Indent settings in 0.01 mm increments, with digital setting and readout
  • Go - no-go gauge for checking basic calibration
  • Electronic wear monitoring with warning function
  • Setting functions in mm, inch or MIL
  • Compatible with numerous locators
CM25-5 crimping machine
Model CM 25-5

  • Crimping machine with sliding tray
  • Connector and cable are held in the open bottom section
  • Wire clamps in for safe working
  • Machine crimps automatically following insertion
CM25-6 - crimping machine
Model CM 25-6

  • Crimping machine with reduced stroke for working without safety closure
  • Suitable for all crimped connectors requiring a stroke less than 6 mm
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PEW12 Tabelle 2
PEW12 Tabelle 3
PEW12 Tabelle 4
PEW12 Tabelle 5
PEW12 Tabelle 6
PEW12 Tabelle 7
PEW12 Tabelle 8
PEW12 Tabelle 9
PEW12 Tabelle 9b
PEW12 Tabelle 10
PEW12 Tabelle 11
PEW12 Tabelle 11b
PEW12 Tabelle 12
PEW12 Tabelle 12b
PEW12 Tabelle 13
PEW12 Tabelle 13b
PEW12 Tabelle 14
PEW12 Tabelle 14b
PEW12 Tabelle 15
PEW12 Tabelle 16
PEW12 Tabelle 17
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