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1.3.3 - Diesel Driven Hydraulic Power Packs to 30 HP

  • Diesel - hydraulic units for the economical operation of hydraulic tools
  • The integrated highly efficient oil circulation cooling enables the use in the toughest conditions. So these pumps are available at all locations the perfect choice
  • Special versions on request (different oil flow / pressure)
  • MONO: for one application / tool
    DUAL: for one or two applications / tools
DOA RAPTOR DIESEL MONO - Diesel Driven Power Pack 10,5 HP
1 - Hydraulic pumps
10,5 HP Diesel engine with recoil and electric starter
Oil flow: 20 L/min. at max. 200 bar / max. 30 L/min. at 130 bar
Oil reservoir: 12 Liter
Diesel reservoir: Liter
Dimension: 850 x 600 x H650 mm
Weight: 80 kg

Hydraulic power pack with 10,5 Hp Diesel engine with battery and recoil start , machine supplies a flow from 20 to 30 L/min @ 130 Bar and can power tools of the group C and D of the EHTMA standard. Like all the DOA power packs RAPTOR D has excellent characteristics of transportability, robustness, quietness, reliability and a superior construction quality thanks to the stainless steel frame, all parts suspended on anti vibration shock mounts, quick couplers installed on impact free swivel fitting, high efficiency oil cooling system that guarantees the best performances even in the hottest climate and with the more demanding applications.
RAPTOR D is for function and construction the best machine in its type as it can give both the best advantages of hydraulics and electricity, for its characteristics it is ideal in the maintenance of underground pipes, in the civil protection and in all application where is necessary a professional hydraulic power supply.
Limited availability
6.723,50 €(VAT incl.)
DOA NIITRO DIESEL MONO - Diesel Driven Power Pack 23 HP
1 - Hydraulic pumps
23 HP Diesel engine with electric starter
Oil flow: 10-60 L/min. at 100 - max. 200 bar
Oil reservoir: 50 Liter
Diesel reservoir: 30 Liter
Dimension: 950 x 600 x H650 mm
Weight: 222 kg

NITRO is a hydraulic power pack with 23 HP engine designed to power tools and hydraulic equipment with a high flow or pressure necessity. NITRO can be delivered with one or two parallel circuits or with different hydraulic power according to customer specifications, example: 50 L/min. @ 140 Bar,
or 38 L/min. @ 200 Bar
or two flows: one 20 L/min. and the second one 30 L/min.
that can be added having one single cicuit of 50 L/min. @ 140 Bar.
The large capacity oil tank and the double radiator cooling system guarantee ideal hydraulic conditions even in the more demanding applications.
The chassis can be "skid" type (in the illustrations) or with wheels and handles like the other power packs.
The typical use is to drive heavy duty hydraulic equipment like drilling equipment, big water pumps, powering underwater tools and in all applications where is need a professional hydraulic supply.
Dimension, hydraulic components and look are the same as the gasoline model. The weight is Kg 172.
Diesel engine 23 Hp Lombardini/Kohler.
Limited availability
12.792,50 €(VAT incl.)
TypePowerOil FlowOil CapacityDimensionWeight
RAPTOR D10,5 HP20-30 L/min.12 L90x65x70 cm110 kg
NITRO D23 HP50 L/min.50 L95x60x65 cm220 kg
RAPTOR D - hydraulic power pack with diesel engine
NITRO D - Diesel Driven Hydraulic Power Packs to 34 HP
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