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1.3.2 - Electric Driven Hydraulic Power Packs

  • Electric - hydraulic units for the emission free operation of hydraulic tools
  • The integrated highly efficient oil circulation cooling enables the use in the toughest conditions. So these pumps are available at all locations the perfect choice
  • Special versions on request (different oil flow / pressure)
  • MONO: for one application / tool
    DUAL: for one or two applications / tools
SUPER RAPTOR E - Electric driven hydraulic power pack
SUPER RAPTOR ENERGA - Electric driven hydraulic power pack
TypePowerOil Flow @ pressureOil CapacityDimensionWeight

SUPER RAPTOR E-11kW11,0 kWmax. 42 L/min. @ 140 bar
30 L/min. @ max. 200 bar
10 L80x58xH70 cm110 kg
SUPER RAPTOR E-15kW15,0 kWmax. 49 L/min. @ 160 bar
38 L/min. @ max. 200 bar
15 L80x58xH70 cm120 kg
SUPER RAPTOR E-15kW DUAL15,0 kW1x 42 L/min. @ 140 bar
2x 20 L/min. @ 140 bar
15 L80x85xH70 cm130 kg
SUPER RAPTOR ENERGA-11kW15,0 kW20-30-40 L/min. @ max. 200 bar15 L95x60xH65 cm120 kg

Professional power packs with electric motor designed to power hydraulic tools and hydraulic equipment like wall saws, core drll tools etc.
The machines can be supplied with different electric motors with power of 7,5 - 11 - 15 kW to deliver flows up to 42 L/min. and pressures of 190 bar maximum.
The electric control box has all the necessary defences to assure operators safety and integrity of the machine in all situations.
The compact size and the three handles make the manoeuvrability and transportation fast and easy in all situations.
They are manufactured with high quality components, they are made to work in heavy duty conditions, in particular the oil cooling system guarantees the maximum efficiency even in the hottest climate and with the more demanding applications.

RAPTOR E is supplied in standard version with air to oil cooler and also on request with water to oil cooler.

SUPER RAPTOR E  has exclusive double oil radiator that guarantees the best cooling even in the hottest climate and with the more demanding applications.
It is supplied in standard version with air to oil coolers and also on request with water to oil cooler.

SUPER RAPTOR E DUAL has a double hydraulic supply, it gives two circuits at 19 L/ min. each or a single circuit at 38 L/ min., both with pressure of 140 bar, it is possible to power together two tools of the group C or a single toot of group E of EHTMA cathegories.
The engine acceleration can be fixed or automatic. The flow selection and acceleration can be made instantly using the practical levers. Every part of SUPER RAPTOR B is manufactured for assuring the maximum of performances, reliability and transportability. Its points of strength are the quietness and the robustness that make its use ideal in the professional works.

Hydraulic professional power pack with triphase motor 11 kW. The motor is equippped with an INVERTER CONTROL that allows to vary the motor speed and consequently the out put hydraulic flow.
This future allows to have ve available and choose in real time the typical flows of the hydraulic tools 20 - 30 - 40 L/min. or change the speed of the tools connected even when are under load and working.
The machine versatility is ideal for powering hydraulic motors and tools or cylinders or various hydraulic machinery that require different speed or turns or blow per minute.

Characteristics and advantages of ENERGA
- High quality inverter and motor
- Electric control panel with inibitor against wrong rotation
- Double oil radiator allow ideal temperature control even in tropical conditions or with heavy duty application
- Durable and robust Stainless Steel frame with three bandable handles and wheels for easy movements

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