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1.2.4 - Gasolien Driven Hydraulic High Pressure Pump

GHP-2-DM-700BAR-SET - Gasoline Hydraulic Pump 1,8 HP
1 - Hydraulic pumps
with 4-stroke gasoline HONDA engine
Two mechanical control valves for double acting tools
CEJN couplers "115" /3 Liter oil reservoir
Maximum operating pressure: 700 bar
Immediate availability
3.391,50 €(VAT incl.)
TypeWorking pressure
Oil Flow
Low Pressure
Oil Flow
High Pressure
PowerOil CapacityWeight
EG-VDS-700-DM-P700 bar4,8 L/min.2,4 L/min.1,3 kW (1,8 PS)2,7 L17 kg
EG-CB-700-DM-P700 bar---6,0 L/min.4,1 kW (5,5 PS)23 L75 kg
VDS and CB series

  • 4-stroke engine
  • 2-stage hydraulic
  • Special versions available
  • Working pressure max. 700 bar
  • Series VDS: very light pump ==> RESCUE
  • Series CB: powerful ==> STATIONARY HEAVY DUTY

-D = for double acting tools, pump without control valve for tools with mechanical control valve
-DM = for double acting tools, with mechanical (hand) valve for tools without control valve
VDS-700 - hydraulic pump with gasoline engine for double acting tools
CB-700 - electric hydraulic pump for double acting tools
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